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Jen & Sam married in 2018, merging their household into the adorable pack you see today. Despite loving their jobs in Austin, the two had dreams of off-grid mountain living. When the opportunity to work their jobs remotely arose... the two jumped at the opportunity to downsize and they moved their crew in January 2021 to 35 acres in Southern Colorado to pursue their dreams of a sustainable home!



aka ChowBao #1 is the eldest of the pack. He loves long walks, zoomies in cold weather, and naps in an armchair.


Is a mini aussie / pembroke corgi mix that is the princess of the pack. She loves playing fetch and running errands with her moms. 


The life of the party! This little girl is the spunkiest cardigan corgi you may ever meet, who is not afraid to give you her opinions. She can often be found lounging and posing for pets. 


The big baby of the family. Dakota is his sister from another litter and the two are pretty inseperable. He loves to follow her around and make sure she is always the center of someone's attention. 

Catfish "Sticks"

The smallist of the bunch by size, but the largest attitude of them all. Little Sticks is the sweetest dachshund you will ever meet! He has never met a human he can't melt ;)

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